GATX participates at 13th BME / VDV Forum Rail Freight Transport in Berlin

At the 13th BME / VDV Forum Rail Freight Transport, GATX Rail Europe’s CEO, Johann Feindert, provided insights on various industry projects and discussed advantages of rail freight transport.

Berlin, February 11, 2020 - GATX Rail Europe participated at the 13th BME / VDV Forum Rail Freight Transport in Berlin. This year's event was focused on user-oriented innovations that are helping to shape transport turnaround; a topic GATX knows well. GATX Rail Europe’s CEO, Johann Feindert, presented on these topics to more than 220 visitors, explaining the industry's innovative projects to help make rail freight transport even more attractive, effective, and efficient. For example:

  • 5L (Quiet, Light, Powerful, Logistics capability, LCC-oriented) developing low-noise bogies and disc brakes
  • Telematics value enhancements to rolling stock
  • Intelligent freight train improving efficiency with automated operating procedures, energy and data management, electro-pneumatic brake, digital automatic clutch (DAK), etc.
  • VPI 08 enhancing data formats for technical data exchange in the course of maintenance between workshops and ECM
  • RSRD² technical data exchange for railway operations
  • Aero-Ferro Benchmark research project in collaboration with Ermewa SA, Technical University of Berlin and the University École Centrale de Lyon

Johann Feindert explained the advantages and benefits of these innovations, but also expressed his views that a lot is yet to be done in the industry. "Only together we can create more efficient rail freight transport and lay the foundation for achieving climate targets in the transport sector", stated Feindert.

In addition to various presentations, there were fruitful exchanges between numerous industry stakeholders: customers, railways, logistics service providers, wagon keepers, and associations.

If you have questions about any of these projects, please do not hesitate to contact us. GATX Rail Europe will be pleased to provide you with further information.

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