Whats new at GATX?


New product, new customer: BEFESA opts for the TAMNS with swivel roof

Companies offering innovative services, like BEFESA – a specialist in recycling industrial waste produced by the steel and aluminium industry –, also relies on safe, innovative solutions when it comes to transport. So, it’s no surprise that the company has now chosen to use the new TAMNS cars from GATX: Instead of the previously used rolling roofs, these cars have an intelligently-constructed, steel swivel roof that can be folded down to the sides, therefore opening up the entire width and length of the freight cars. Damage during loading and unloading, like to the chain guide for example, or caused by snow accumulating on the cover, is avoided and the moisture-sensitive cargo inside the cars stays dry.

More efficient, more profitable and 100% watertight:the new TAMNS
The other advantages of the new TAMNS cars, which were developed by GATX together with Adler Rail and Tatravagonka, speak for themselves: the new cars have a volume increase of approx. 13% and a higher payload compared to other cars currently on the market. The loading teams will also be thrilled by the simplified procedure: the roof can be easily opened and closed by a push button. The absolute tightness of the new swivel roof was confirmed in numerous tests, meaning that in the future, moisture-sensitive products are guaranteed to arrive at their destination dry.

Personal handover to the customers
One of GATX’s many principles for success is the personal handover of vehicles to new customers: This allows the quality assurance to be guaranteed by experts on the premises. And as innovative products always require some explanation, the experts can also use this opportunity to professionally train the loading team. It’s also clear that BEFESA will continue to benefit from the advantages provided by the new TAMNS cars in the future as additional cars were delivered at the end of March.