Whats new at GATX?

transport logistic 2019: Two new freight cars – and an ice cream bike.

Things were hotting up at the largest logistics trade fair in the world in Munich at the beginning of June – and it wasn’t just because of the extremely high temperatures...

New product, new customer: BEFESA opts for the TAMNS with swivel roof

Companies offering innovative services, like BEFESA – a specialist in recycling industrial waste produced by the steel and aluminium industry –, also relies on safe, innovative solutions when it comes to transport. So, it’s no surprise that the company has now chosen to use the new TAMNS cars from GATX!

GATX reacts quickly when it comes to dealing with brakes

Being environmentally conscious also means sending a loud and clear signal when it comes to noise prevention. That’s why forward-thinking companies like GATX have been equipping their freight cars with new quiet brake blocks for years now.

12th BME / VDV panel for rail freight transport – we bring the latest technology on track!

The expert audience at the “12th BME / VDV panel for rail freight transport” in Berlin were quite amazed when we presented the new freight car fleet: These technologically optimised cars can be tailored to the various needs of companies and can be individually equipped with bits of tech like telematics and sensor systems, so it’s no wonder that they have been an amazing success in such a short period of time. Already known for providing the most modern fleets in Europe, GATX scores once again with a willingness to innovate and an excellent…

Allow us to present ourselves: What makes a "Competent Person Lead” according to one of GATX’s Mineral Oil Car experts?

"We will manage it!" With this statement, Burkhard Dietz has taken a heavy load off the shoulders of many customers – and also his colleagues. Dietz works in the Leipzig Workshop Management Team (WMT) and is the “Competent Person Lead” (CP Lead) for mineral oil cars across all of Europe. He is in constant contact with GATX’s customers and internal Engineering and Sales Departments. Even when things start to heat up in Leipzig, he always remains calm and maintains a good sense of humor.

Technological Advances, Transparency, Investment and a Vision: CEO Johann Feindert looks into the Future

At the end of the year, several things are changing at GATX: Thus in November, Johann Feindert assumed the leadership role at GATX Rail Europe. The experienced specialist in the European railway industry has many ideas which will bring our company even further towards the forefront.

Track & Trace and Geofencing: Dr. Dums from Donau Chemie explains the many advantages of telematics solutions from the point of view of the shipper.

In October 2018, our customer, Donau Chemie AG, received an award from Austria's Federal Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BMÖ): The company was honoured for equipping it´s entire RID fleet with Track & Trace Systems.

Global Challenge 2018 – 7 Employees, 100 Days, more than 16 Million Steps

This year GATX took part in the Global Challenge for the first time and sent 12 teams each of 7 employees on their travels: During this competition, international teams count their steps over 100 days with the objective of covering the longest distance. During this year’s challenge, our team, „Justice League“ covered an incredible 10,406 km – that’s more than 100 km per day! And in doing so took first place within GATX!

Safe Together - Information Seminars Concerning the Safe Loading and Unloading of Tank Cars Carried Out

Rail car providers are convinced: “Of course we provide safe equipment” And operational users say: “Of course we know exactly how to work safely on a tank car” But nothing is already so safe that it cannot be made even safer.

GATX’s further development of its freight car fleet continues to be a complete success!

As early as April 2018 we reported that we are investing in technically optimized freight cars – with the objective of continuing to develop our freight fleet. Now we can proudly announce that in August we have already exceeded our 2018 expectations, will continue to seek new customer relationships, and strive to exceed our current customers’ expectations!