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The Rail Safety Days: Safety is the Priority!

The Rail Safety Days took place in the Marl Chemical Industrial Park in October. Here specific knowledge concerning safety and the handling of equipment was conveyed to individuals who deal with rail tank wagons and tank containers every day. Naturally, GATX had to be there.

Jumbo Pressurized Gas Tank Car for hire from January

With GATX you stand out from your competitors: If you hire the new pressure gas car in jumbo format now, then from January on you will profit from the considerably greater load capacity – with an unchanged distance between outer axles!

Transport logistic 2017: Swivel Roof as a Public Attraction

At this year’s transport logistic the focus of the GATX visitors was on the new TAMNS and the lightweight chemical car, the pilot of GATX customer...

This is how it was: The GATX Evening Event at the transport logistic 2017

A visit to the trade fair can be quite exhausting: Lots of people, the big halls and the extensive outside areas, new impressions – and then the...

Telematics and Sensor Technology on GATX freight railcars

Telematics and sensor technology applications have become indispensable in railway freight traffic - in the area of "Tracking and Tracing" it already...

Finally – the new TAMNS with a Swivel Roof

Good news: The innovative swivel roof of this new TAMNS car can be quite simply opened to the side and does not disturb during loading and unloading –...

The New Generation of Chemical Cars

Welcome to the GATX family: The new sodium hydroxide car is equipped with an optimized underframe and an innovative brake system – and in addition...

Railway Noise – Are you ready for 2020?

Rail noise? Whoever has slept next to a railway track knows all about it – railway noise ultimately disturbs the sleep and reduces the quality of...

GATX at transport logistic in Munich 2017

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