We are aware of the responsibility for your total cost of operation and make it the focus of our customer-oriented approach – for maximum railcar availability with minimised maintenance time.

The defined target of ensuring maximum availability is supported by a wide range of measures and organizational details. GATX has implemented a preventive maintenance system and trains customers on-site in loading and unloading of the railcars.

It is thus often possible to prevent damage to the railcar during operation. If a repair is necessary, the customer will be provided with quick and detailed information on the expected downtime – which can be reduced by the use of mobile repair teams. A network of owned workshops and certified contract partners guarantees quick and costeffective repair.

If requested by the customer, we arrange for the cleaning of tanks and railcars combined with scheduled repairs to reduce downtimes. Of course, we will also handle the railcar transportation needs at the beginning of the lease and for repairs at workshops. Experience our unique quality.