We continuously invest in the expansion and renewal of our fleet – and are proud to operate one of the youngest and most modern fleets in Europe. We maintain our own Project Development department and therefore have extensive new building and modernisation experience. We can adapt special railcars in our own workshop to meet your needs exactly - even in small series and at attractive prices.

Thanks to our close and long-term relationships with railcar manufacturers, we are in a position to procure railcars on relatively short notice, if necessary, and still at favourable costs. Also large series can be procured by us whenever needed.

Innovation is a priority for us at all times: For example, by implementing technical and design measures, we successfully reduced the tare weight of the mineral oil car of type „1687/1697“ so the load capacity is three tons more than for comparable wagons. This approach has triggered a new trend in the market.

Customized for your needs

Should you require specialised equipment, railcar adaptations or new construction of small freight railcar series – then GATX is the right partner for you. We have many decades‘ experience and will try to make (almost) everything possible for you: Our own production facilities combined with extensive modernisation expertise guarantee the highest standards in safety and quality.

We control the entire process – from the conceptual design via certification and approval, to construction through to the delivery of new and modernized railcars, to the point of first loading. Tailored solutions include special coatings, individualised loading/unloading equipment or added safety features. We can also assist you with large-scale customer branding with our blasting and painting capabilities.