Ownership and passion in what we do.

We all are passionate about our work, enjoy to move forward and hold ourselves accountable for the results of our actions like owners of a company.

Commitment to teamwork and respectful communication.

 We communicate openly, value honesty, respect differences of viewpoints and cultures and as a result work effectively as a team without barriers. We treat diversity as an asset.

The best business solutions for our customers.

We achieve customer satisfaction by listening to and understanding their needs. We build long term relations with our customers through the competence and engagement of our people.

A process of continuous improvement in all we do.

We constantly reflect on the way we work, actively search for innovation in our business and strive for simplicity and excellence while continuously improving our personal skills and knowledge.



Total commitment to safety.

We manage the risks in our business responsibly and take preventive actions because we feel obliged to protect the environment and health of human kind.



We deliver innovative rail solutions that make us the first choice for our customers.

  • We believe in our people – therefore we empower and develop them.
  • For a sustainable growth, we constantly diversify our fleet and services.
  • Our integrated processes support efficiency, both in terms of time and money.
  • We listen to our customers’ needs – in order to develop innovative products & solutions.
  • We think about the future, so we create solutions that help protect the environment.
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