As owner, keeper and Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM), it is our duty and responsibility to ensure our fleet is well maintained.


We execute more than 6,000 planned revisions per year.


We handle an assortment of more than 800 spare parts required for the production of new railcars and maintenance of our existing fleet.

18,000 & 20,000

In addition to planned revisions, we also perform 18,000 enroute repairs plus 20,000 wheelset repairs every year.
Keeping fall-out rates to a minimum

Our fleet is one of the youngest on the European market, a fact that plays in our favor when it comes to maintenance. Yet, we are committed to continuing to reduce fall-out rates to a minimum, here are some of the steps we are taking:

Growing our 60+ Workshop Network
Matching revisions to workshop expertise
Pre-Maintenance Prep Work
In-house Maintenance
Downtime Optimization Projects
Maintenance Shop Auditing
Online Maintenance Shop Portal
Substituting Railcars
In-house Workshops at Ostróda and Plock, Poland

A lot of our expertise on quality maintenance is bolstered by the experiences we garner at our wholly-owned shop in Ostróda and Plock.

Finally, we do have an expert tip for you: An easy way to reduce workshop downtime is to send your railcars off cleaned. Not everyone remembers to do it, but it makes a big difference – especially for workshops that do not have cleaning facilities on site. Together, we’ll be even more efficient.

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