Telematics & Sensors

Telematics are an important part of the digital railway journey. Using a collaborative approach, we work with our customers and technology suppliers to implement best-in-class, flexible telematics solutions on our railcars.

Our entire fleet will be equipped with telematics devices by the end of 2024. We have tested and selected the best telematics technology—this means the right choice for interoperability, sustainability, reliability, and accuracy. We invite you to select the service and support package that best suits your needs.

Service & Support Packages

Our telematics & sensor packages:

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Use sensors for increased transport capacity and optimized transport planning. Monitor and track your goods from anywhere, anytime.

GPS & Location Tracking
We are currently equipping our entire fleet with standard location tracking GPS devices so you can follow your railcars from your desk—anytime.
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Kingpin Sensors
Central to railway incident prevention and greater safety, we have equipped our T3000e cars with kingpin sensors. The GATX kingpin safety solution provides a two-contact sensor system that verifies whether a hitch device is correctly locked and kingpin positioned correctly.
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Loading State Sensors
Many customers want to know if, when, and where a railcar is loaded or unloaded. We have well-tested, easy-to-mount, maintenance-free and wireless Bluetooth sensors for exactly this purpose.
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Temperature Sensors
Our easy-to-mount, maintenance-free, wireless Bluetooth sensors allow you to monitor the temperature of your products. By using alarm sensors to spot any irregularities, this increases safety by keeping you on-track as well as streamlines your unloading activities.
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Pressure Sensors
The pressure sensor can be used to monitor the brake system, brake force and product pressure. Additionally it can perform overload detection. It can also be integrated with your existing logistics applications.
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We are constantly testing and adding sensor solutions to our portfolio, making rail freight transport even safer and transparent for all parties.

telematics and sensors
Telematics & Sensors
Let us know about your specific tracking and monitoring needs. Together we will find a suitable telematics and sensor combination.

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