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Railcar Overview

As a leading railcar lessor, our fleet consists of more than 27,100 railcars with nearly 200 different wagon types.


Selecting the right railcar

our onboarding process
telematics and sensors
Upgrade your railcars with best-in-class telematics and sensor technologies. We will meet your tracking and monitoring needs.
Latest News
Freight Railcars
January 25, 2023
5 min
Unveiling Our New Railcar Type: Quality Grain Cars for ÖBB Rail Cargo Group
Intermodal Cars
January 17, 2023
6 min.
Kingpin Sensors for T3000e Railcars to Increase Safety
December 21, 2022
6 min
2022 Wrap-Up: A Roundtable Conversation

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