Depending on your requirements, we can offer you a broad range of flat cars to meet your industry-specific needs. The modern design of our steel flat cars in terms of tare weight and length as well as the optimized stanchion distances ensure maximum value for you.    

Our flat cars are ideal to transport heavy or large goods such as timber, steel pipes and steel slabs and moisture sensitive goods such as steel coils

Open Railcar overview

  • Flat cars
    Wagon typeShimmns
    Tare weight21,7 t
    Loading weight68,3 t
    Length over buffers12,040 mm

  • Flat cars
    Wagon typeSmnps
    Tare weight22,0 t
    Loading weight68,0 t
    Loading width2,830 mm
    Loading length15,500 mm
    Length over buffers16,740 mm

  • Flat cars
    Wagon typeSnps
    Tare weight23,0 t
    Loading weight67,0 t
    Length over buffers22,860 mm
    Loading length21,620 mm
    The photograph above is a Rnoos wagon with front and end walls. However, we understand that most users tend to demand the Snps wagon design which does not have front and end walls.

  • Flat cars
    Wagon typeRens
    Tare weight24,6 t
    Loading weight65,4 t
    Loading width2,650 mm
    Loading length18,500 mm
    Length over buffers19,900 mm
    Loading area49,0 m²

  • Flat cars
    Wagon typeRns-z
    Tare weight25,3 t
    Loading weight64,7 t
    Length over buffers22,350 mm