Intermodal cars

Within the intermodal segment, our container cars allow you to transport various container configurations and sizes, including swap bodies. Depending on your transport needs, you can choose between different lengths and payloads. We also serve the market for Combined Transport with our fleet of modern double pocket cars. These cars can be used to transport semi-trailers or other intermodal loading units.

Our intermodal cars are the right choice to transport any type of standard container, swap bodies or semi-trailer.

Intermodal Cars

9440 (Smmps; 40')

Wagon type Smmps
Tare weight 18,5 t
Loading weight 61,5 t
Length over buffers 14,040 mm
Loading length 12,800 mm
GATX Type 9440

Flat Cars

9460 (Sgns)

Wagon type Sgns
Tare weight 19,8 t
Loading weight 72,2 t
Length over buffers 19,740 mm
Loading length 18,500 mm
GATX Type 9460

Intermodal Cars

9480 (Sggrs(s); 80')

Wagon type Sggrs(s)
Tare weight 27,4 t
Loading weight 107,6 t
Length over buffers 26,390 mm
Loading length 2 x 12,220 mm
GATX Type 9480

Intermodal Cars

9490 (Sggmrs(s); 90')

Wagon type Sggmrs(s)
Tare weight 27,9 t
Loading weight 107,1 t
Length over buffers 29,590 mm
Loading length 2 x 13,820 mm
GATX Type 9490

Intermodal Cars

9493 (Sdggmrss; T3000e)

Wagon type Sdggmrss
Tare weight 35,0 t
Loading weight 100,0 t
Length over buffers 34,200 mm
Loading length 2 x 16,185 mm
GATX Type 9493
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