Within the segment of intermodal cars, our container carriers allows you to carry any type and mix of standard containers and swap bodies. Depending on your transport needs, you can choose between different lengths and payloads. We also serve the market for Combined Transport with our fleet of modern double pocket wagons, which can be used to transport semi-trailers or other intermodal loading units.

Our intermodal cars are the right choice to transport any type of standard container, swap bodies or semi-trailer

Open Railcar overview

  • Intermodal cars
    Sgmmns; 40'
    Wagon typeSgmmns
    Tare weight16,2 t
    Loading weight73,8 t
    Length over buffers13,540 mm

  • Intermodal cars
    Sggns; 80'
    Wagon typeSggns
    Tare weight21,5 t
    Loading weight68,5 t
    Length over buffers25,940 mm

  • Intermodal cars
    Sggrs; 80'
    Wagon typeSggrs
    Tare weight26,5 t
    Loading weight108,5 t
    Length over buffers26.390 mm

  • Intermodal cars
    Sggmrs; 90'
    Wagon typeSggmrs
    Tare weight25,5 t
    Loading weight109,5 t
    Length over buffers29,590 mm

  • Intermodal cars
    Sdggmrss; T3000e
    Wagon typeSdggmrss
    Tare weight35,0 t
    Loading weight100,0 t
    Length over buffers34,200 mm