12th BME / VDV panel for rail freight transport – we bring the latest technology on track!

The expert audience at the “12th BME / VDV panel for rail freight transport” in Berlin were quite amazed when we presented the new freight car fleet: These technologically optimised cars can be tailored to the various needs of companies and can be individually equipped with bits of tech like telematics and sensor systems, so it’s no wonder that they have been an amazing success in such a short period of time. Already known for providing the most modern fleets in Europe, GATX scores once again with a willingness to innovate and an excellent customer focus.

Acting instead of reacting
The new fleet comprises of both open and closed cars for the transport of aggregates, gravel and any other type of bulk solid - whether they’re sensitive to moisture or not. It also includes open or covered flat cars for heavy and large goods, as well as intermodal cars suitable for all types of standard containers and swap bodies. Technologically state-of-the-art, these new cars are another example of GATX’s tried-and-tested strategy of always orientating the products to the market needs. Our recipe for success is actually quite simple: We don’t follow developments, instead we anticipate what’s coming and design products according to this! Our close and trusting cooperation with our customers helps with this process. We always keep an eye on the market, as this allows us to predict what a certain sector will need in the near future earlier than other manufacturers. Thanks to this forward-looking strategy, we strive to be able to lease our customers the right cars at the right time – without leaving them waiting! This is a great advantage in a business world where the clock always seems to be moving faster and faster.

A one stop shop
And speaking of advantages: One of GATX’s unique selling points is the comprehensive maintenance and servicing that we offer our customers. Should a problem arise, we can solve it quickly and easily – this is guaranteed by our close-knit network of certified contract partners.

With the expansion of the new fleet our customers can now choose from over 190 types of tank and freight cars, with something from every industry on offer. There are around 23,400 tank and freight cars in the entire fleet from GATX Rail Europe, one of the most modern fleets in Europe. If you want to find out more, contact your Key Account Manager!