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Finally – the new TAMNS with a Swivel Roof

All companies that transport moisture-sensitive cargos such as fludeoxyglucose (FGD) gypsum, petroleum coke or calcite in rail freight traffic know the classic weakness of all TAMS cars – the roof structure with tarpaulins:

  • On closing, residual amounts of the various products manage to get onto the roof – the tarpaulin tears in the area of the chain structure.
  • In winter water freezes in the folded up roof – the tarpaulin tears on closing.
  • During loading, the grab bends the chain structure – the closing mechanism of the tarpaulin breaks down or malfunctions.

Logistics and transport companies can tell a very sorry tale about these problems, ultimately they have to settle with an extremely high failure rate of between 40 and 50 % with this type of wagon!

The solution: The new TAMNS car with a swivel roof

We at GATX think of ourselves as problem solvers: That's why, together with Adler Rail and the manufacturer, Tatravagonka, we have developed a new TAMNS car that immediately eliminates these annoying problems and in doing so, saves you a lot of money. The special feature of the new TAMNS car is the innovative swivel roof constructed in steel that can be folded open to the side to free up the full opening width – thus, damage is no longer possible. The problematic tarpaulin is therefore completely eliminated and the associated downtimes are drastically reduced.

At the same time, this type of car has a greater volume by about more than 13% and a higher payload capacity than the current TAMS on the market – with the tare weight unchanged. With our TAMNS car, you profit several times, due to:

  • Higher availability of your fleet / smaller fleet size
  • Lower shunting and empty freight costs
  • Higher payloads by higher volume
  • Optimized reliability of supply
  • Lower costs for maintenance

Easy to operate and absolutely leak-proof

The loading personnel have reasons to be pleased, too: The large roof of the new TAMNS car can be opened and closed quite simply with the press of a button. Alternatively it can be operated using an impact wrench or a handwheel as an auxiliary solution. And the service door can be used with the roof open, too.

The absolute leak-tightness of the swivel roof has been confirmed in numerous tests – your moisture-sensitive products will arrive at their destination absolutely dry in the future!


The key technical data of the optimized TAMNS car:

  • Volume: 82,5 m³
  • Tare weight: 24,5 t
  • Payload: 65,5 t
  • Length over buffers: 15,74 m

You would like to know more about the new freight railcar or you would like to thoroughly test it? Please contact your Key-Account-Manager. Or you can call in at the transport logistic 2017 in Munich – you can experience the new TAMNS car live on site.