GATX Leases Additional Freight Railcars to HVLE

GATX and HVLE grow railcar leasing relationship with Eamnos cars to transport construction materials.

Hamburg, Germany, March 2020 - Havelländische Eisenbahn AG (HVLE) has been a longstanding lessee of GATX; a result of quality customer service and highly optimized, available freight cars. With the delivery of newly built Eamnos railcars, the GATX & HVLE partnership continues to strengthen. HVLE will utilize these Eamnos cars to transport construction materials for its growing German customer base and transport needs. In addition to these state-of-the-art Eamnos cars, HVLE also leases from GATX optimized Faccns railcars to transport bulk goods. The partnership underlines that GATX is a committed partner to provide safe, high-quality railcars to its customers by offering fast, reliable, and tailored solutions and services.

Sebastian Koch, HVLE’s Head of Sales, said, "The cooperation with GATX has been extremely positive and constructive since the beginning. We, as HVLE, and our customers are convinced of the professionalism of GATX Rail Europe".

GATX Rail Europe’s CEO, Johann Feindert, stated, "Both HVLE and GATX Rail Europe have a long tradition of providing quality service to the freight transport sector and both companies are focused on innovating for the future. I am particularly pleased that we have been able to work together once again to increase our cooperation. I believe GATX’s focus to make railcar leasing easier for our customers like HVLE is one paramount reason for this flourishing relationship".

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