GATX’s further development of its freight car fleet continues to be a complete success!

As early as April 2018 we reported that we are investing in technically optimized freight cars – with the objective of continuing to develop our freight fleet. Now we can proudly announce that in August we have already exceeded our 2018 expectations, will continue to seek new customer relationships, and strive to exceed our current customers’ expectations!

For many years, we at GATX have had a reputation for having one of the most modern leased fleets in Europe and, in addition to tailored solutions, offering comprehensive maintenance and service facilities. We now have attractive freight railcar types within our fleet:

All these freight car types distinguish themselves through the typical GATX features: They are technically state-of-the-art, they provide our customers with security of supply and can be individually fitted out – for example, with telematics and sensor system technology.

Consistently aligned to the market.
Because we are consistently aligned with the market and have strong relationships across disparate industries, we continue to accomplish growth in the freight railcar sector! For so many years we have worked closely and trustfully together with our customers, which is why we can better anticipate their wants and needs. Thanks to this forward-looking strategy, our customers can lease the right cars at the right time from GATX – without long waiting times.  We have strategically placed large investments in different freight railcar types and subsequently signed long-term lease contracts, not only with existing, but also with new customers.

Naturally, our customers in this sector benefit, too, from our innovative ideas, attention to detail, high level of safety consciousness, and unparalleled service. Thus, our customers can be assured that they have a strong partner at their side.

Thanks to the GATX Team
In connection with this fantastic freight fleet growth development, Johann Feindert, COO GATX Rail Europe stated: Without our employees we would never have succeeded in this form – our collective innovative strength, our will and the service mentality so typical of GATX have really made this success possible. In addition, that we have worked closely together with our customers for so many years and have our ear closely attuned to the market has now paid dividends!

Currently there are more than 190 rail and freight car types available for our customers – across all industries. If you would like to know more, please contact your Key Account Manager