GRE´s new Sggrs Railcars: Go Eco-Friendly with Container Transport!

Within the intermodal segment, our container cars allow you to transport various container configurations and sizes, including swap bodies. Depending on your transport needs, you can choose different railcar lengths and payloads from our diverse freight fleet.

Our new Sggrs container flatcars are the perfect solution for companies requiring container transport. These 25-ton railcars can move 110 tons of loading weight and each Sggrs unit perfectly suits all standard-sized shipping containers. Switch from road transport to the eco-friendlier mode of rail today! We’ll support you on this journey.

Watch our new video highlighting our 'lime-green' freight star, the Sggrs and check out how we can Make Railcar Leasing Easier for you.

You need more information? Request a technical leaflet here!

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