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Railway Noise – Are you ready for 2020?

The solution to this problem is called: The Whisper Brake. The composite material brake blocks no longer roughen the running surfaces of the wheels when braking. Thus we reduce the rail traffic noise by up to 10 decibels – a halving of the noise level!

Attention: New Regulation.

According to the current planning of the legislature, from December 2020 the operation of noisy railcars will be forbidden in Germany, violations will lead to heavy fines. Even the few exceptions cannot be put into practice economically – or would you like your fleet to run at an extremely reduced speed? And in Switzerland, the operation of louder railcars will even be entirely banned from the 01.01.2020.

Team Players are in Demand!

The major objective "silent railcars" is one for team players: manufacturers, lessees and lessors of railcars, the workshops, the infrastructure managers and the railway undertakings must all take part. We at GATX are at the forefront:

  • For 10 years we have built new railcars with the quiet composite brake blocks exclusively.
  • Every day we retrofit 6 to 7 existing railcars, from cast-iron brake blocks to the low noise, low friction (LL) blocks.

The results already speak for themselves:

  • 50 % of our cars are already quiet.
  • By 2020, all our freight railcars operated in Germany and Switzerland will be fitted with the whisper brake.

Don't hesitate, start "quiet".

Ideally have your railcars retrofitted by GATX in a timely manner – and profit from many advantages:

  • With us you are a leader: With a prompt retrofit you are a pioneer in the industry and make an immediate valuable contribution to the environment.
  • No additional downtime: Plan the retrofit with us during revision or other planned workshop visits.
  • Good for your image: When you have retrofitted your GATX cars, you are sending important signals to your customers.
  • Greater acceptance: With cutting the noise by half, acceptance by the general public grows tremendously and the image of rail freight transport is improved.

Please note: If you don't act soon, there is the threat of capacity bottlenecks in the workshops in 2019/2020!

You are more than welcome to inform yourself about the whisper brake by visiting our exhibition stand at transport logistic 2017, where we will show the three brake block types (LL, K and cast–iron brake blocks). Or contact your Key Account Manager – he will be more than willing to assist you.