Whats new at GATX?


Technological Advances, Transparency, Investment and a Vision: CEO Johann Feindert looks into the Future

At the end of the year, several things are changing at GATX: Thus in November, Johann Feindert assumed the leadership role at GATX Rail Europe. The experienced specialist in the European railway industry has many ideas which will bring our company even further towards the forefront.

Johann Feindert has been there from the very beginning: In 1991 he began his career as a technician with the KVG Kesselwagen Vermietgesellschaft mbH start-up. Here he learned his job from scratch, in the following years his knowledge and experience grew together with the company. After holding professional positions in Technics and Sales, he also attended the GATX takeover in 2002. In the recent years, in various positions in the management, he has contributed to the success of GATX Rail Europe – and now he has arrived at the top.

2018 – Excellent utilization of the fleet
2018 was another very successful year for GATX: Already in his role as COO, Johann Feindert had worked together with the entire team so that the utilization of our fleet is outstanding. In addition, he proudly said: „We have finally succeeded in gaining entry to the freight car business! Our large investments in the freight car sector have helped us to position ourselves even better in the market.“

2019 – Again, another year full of challenges
In order to extend this high level even further, CEO Johann Feindert announced investments on an unprecedented scale: „We are continuing to invest! I am confident that our fantastic team will overcome with distinction the great challenges which await us in the implementation and development of these business dealings.“

Helping to do so will be the new, five-member management team that will now, together with Johann Feindert, control the destiny of GATX. Remarkable is the fact that except for one, all the positions were able to be filled with experienced GATX colleagues – similar careers to that of Johann Feindert. At the same time, other employees benefit from this new structure, as with the appointment to management, positions became free which in turn were able to be filled internally.

An European vision
Johann Feindert is confident: „This new internal structure will help us in becoming the best railcar leasing company in Europe – the best in matters of safety and technology, in digitalization and, naturally, also in service as well as communication with the customers. In addition, in 5 years we have progressed much further with the digitalization of our fleet. And we have perfected the electronic communication with our customers and with the railcars.“ Finally, the digitalization will ensure transparent processes and clear communication in which quality is first and leading. And the processes in logistics which have become transparent thanks to the digitalization will ensure a long-lasting change to the quality criteria. „We are only at the beginning of a rapid development: Powerful technological advances will ensure that we think and act in increasingly short cycles. But now we shall first relaxed and pleasantly celebrate Christmas and New Year. I wish all of our customers, partners, interested parties and, naturally, all GATX employees a wonderful festive season!“