Whats new at GATX?


The TAMNS with a Swivel Roof on Test

Since September we have been testing our new TAMNS- directly on site at our customers: We fill the car with different goods at various loading and unloading stations - with the objective of further optimizing this car type  for you. 

Our TAMNS is equipped with an innovative, robust steel swivel roof which can be unfolded to the side at the press of a button to free up the full opening width. Thanks to the new roof construction, there are no longer high fall out rates with our cars because the classic weak point of other TAMNS cars – the tarpaulin – has been completely eliminated. But we at GATX want more!

The requirements of our customers are our focus

That is why we are currently testing the TAMNS cars in real-life situations on site at our customers: How efficiently does loading with various moisture-sensitive goods take place, for example, with calcite, kaolin or FGD gypsum? Are there differences between the individual loaded goods and the loading and unloading operations? This is how we seek answers to the question: How can we further optimize the loading and unloading operations with our TAMNS so that our customers can save time and money?

Advantages of the TAMNS

With its completely tight, easy to operate swivel roof, the greater volume of +10.5 m³ and higher payload capacity of around 9.5 tonnes – depending on the commodity – the GATX TAMNS has already now become a star at the loading station. In order to exploit its potential further, the findings from the live tests are being integrated into the ongoing car optimization. Some results have already been confirmed:

  • The load capacity of this freight car series has not yet been fully exploited.
  • The tests of the new swivel roof construction have shown very promising results.
  • The swivel roof can be flexibly operated – for example, conveniently via the main brake pipe of the locomotive, a compressor, an impact wrench or via the handwheel as an auxiliary solution.

From the start of 2018, this freight car can also be ordered from GATX as an Eanos without a roof.

You can put the TAMNS through any test, too

You are warmly invited to try out our test car in different loading and unloading situations on your own site and to impress yourself with the wide-ranging features of this car series. To make an appointment, please get in touch with your GATX contact person.