Whats new at GATX?


Transport logistic 2017: Swivel Roof as a Public Attraction

At this year's transport logistic the focus of the GATX visitors was on the new TAMNS and the lightweight chemical car, the pilot of GATX customer portal and the telematics solutions. From the 9th to the 12th of May, our team answered many questions and was able to enhance our existing business relations and make interesting new contacts.

Even those visitors who found themselves in the vicinity of the GATX cars by chance were impressed how the swivel roof of the new TAMNS car can be opened and closed easily. Complete groups of visitors stood still, fascinated, and at the end of each demonstration asked many questions to our team about this new swivel roofed car.

Good to know: With immediate effect you can thoroughly test GATX´s new TAMNS car - please make an appointment with your Key Account Manager now.

New Chemical Car available in Autumn 2017

Our optimized chemical car for sodium hydroxide also created great interest in Munich . From Autumn, 2017, this car can be delivered directly from our own production line. Here is an overview of the most important technical details:

  • 55 m³ tank volume
  • Tare weight only approx. 20,5 t
  • Externally operated handbrake
  • Heatable, insulated T-pipe
  • Push brake design and bogies without head units
  • No ladder 

Here, too, your Key Account Manager will gladly advise you, just give him a call!

Update on the subject of Railway Noise

At last, companies who have already invested in the expensive quiet composite brake blocks are getting legal certainty: In the middle of May, the German Federal Council endorsed the Rail Noise Protection Act (valid for the German railway network) and thereby Germany will ban "loud" railcars from December 2020! Exceptions will be very limited, for example, if trains travel at reduced speed or when the tracks are a long way from residential buildings. While non-compliance with the new rules will trigger with penalties.

We from GATX are already well prepared and have presented the three brake blocks LL, K and cast-iron brake blocks at the transport logistic. The visitors were even allowed to pick up the new quiet composite brake blocks. The most frequent comment about the cast-iron brake blocks was: "Wow, they're heavy!"

GATX in the Digital World

There was also great interest in the new GATX customer portal and the presented telematics applications: We held many discussions directly after the presentations of leading telematics manufacturers at our stand on tailor made use cases.

Overall, the trade fair in Munich was again very successful for GATX - and attracted a record attendance at the GATX stand! That's why we are already now looking forward to the next transport logistic from the 4th to the 7th of June, 2019. Best to put these dates in your calendar directly now.