Update 2: COVID-19 – Safety, Solutions, and Office Openings

With social and public restrictions slowly being loosened across the continent, GATX Rail Europe (GRE) employees are back in the office where we can continue to provide excellent service to our customers and other industry stakeholders. We remain customer focused during these times, while in parallel continuing to keep safety and health, for you and our employees, as a number one priority.

Vienna, Hamburg, Warsaw, Paris on 19 May 2020 – The current COVID-19 situation continues to affect our employees, customers, suppliers and workshops. For this reason, we feel it is important to account for each of these stakeholder’s unique, real-time situation. We hear you: It is now time to slowly get back to normal.

A few of our manufacturers and some third-party maintenance workshops have either reduced business activity or temporarily closed. As a result, we continue to manage time tables for our workshop activities to help meet our customers’ needs. We have also been in touch with each of our customers regarding railcar deliveries and servicing to find tailored solutions. We believe that GRE can help make railcar leasing easier, even during these times. Our dedicated team continues to seek practical solutions to limit any delays and keep your business on track. We appreciate your patience and friendly partnership. 

All GRE employees who have worked from home in the past few weeks will be permitted back into the office for necessary duties, under strict hygiene standards and additional self-imposed rules with the goal of minimizing the risk of infection by allowing a 1.5m distance at all times. Meetings with external suppliers, vendors, and partners will only be allowed by the office managers in truly urgent matters under the same high-standard hygiene guidelines.

Please know that your contact person(s) will continue to be available to you. We will continue to coordinate every single case individually to best serve your needs. And we continue to be committed to finding solutions and provide you with excellent service, to keep goods moving, and all people around us safe and healthy.

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