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We listen to understand your important transport needs and have the capabilities and means to deliver on your railcar requirements, whether they are off-the-shelf or highly customized. We have a large and diversified fleet of more than 25,500 railcars to pull from and a large railcar manufacturing supply network as well as our own workshop in Ostroda, Poland that assembles new tank railcars.  Our in-house engineers work with you to find unique solutions or optimize railcar designs, before, during and even after orders are placed.

Securing Railcar Availability

Railcars are as much our passion as they are our investment. These are some of the steps we are taking to make sure we have the right railcars available for you at the right time:

Market Dynamics
Our experts understand your goods and commodities and make room to accommodate for different industry and market dynamics.
Fleet Renewal
Basic fleet renewal and fleet replacement needs due to age or other factors? Let us take care of it for you. A newer car often means higher capacity and/or optimized for your infrastructure… so don’t be afraid to upgrade.
Assembly Sneak-Peek & Training
We would love to invite you to our Ostroda shop to see how the assembly of your railcars is progressing and to use that valuable time with you for training sessions. Many of our customers take advantage of this offer.
Tailored Solutions for your Industry
We understand that each industry, company, railcar type and commodity requires unique demands. We are ready to meet those requirements.
Buying your Existing Fleet
Yes, that is an option. We’ve done it before, check out our latest existing railcar investments. Turn your fixed assets into capital. We have experience executing many different structures like sale-leasebacks.
Solving Transport Problems
You just have a seemingly unsolvable transport problem? Let us find the solution to it. We’re excellent problem solvers and welcome a real challenge. Even if you’re a road person and have never tested rail before.

Are you curious to know what happens before we hand the railcar over to you? Have a look at our Delivery and Handover Services.

Delivery & Handover Service

Getting your railcar - quality assurance & training included

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