Whats new at GATX?

Update 2: COVID-19 – Safety, Solutions, and Office Openings

With social and public restrictions slowly being loosened across the continent, GATX Rail Europe (GRE) employees are back in the office where we can continue to provide excellent service to our customers and other industry stakeholders. We remain customer focused during these times, while in parallel continuing to keep safety and health, for you and our employees, as a number one priority.

Update: COVID-19 – Staying on track, keeping us safe

GATX Rail Europe (GRE) is closely monitoring COVID-19 developments and challenges.

GATX Leases Additional Freight Railcars to HVLE

GATX and HVLE grow railcar leasing relationship with Eamnos cars to transport construction materials.

GATX Rail Europe´s Contest

Take part in the GATX children's drawing contest and win an authentic railcar model!

GATX purchases nearly 400 existing railcars in Eastern Europe

We continue to invest to grow our freight and tank fleet and are pleased to announce the addition of nearly 400 existing railcars.

GATX participates at 13th BME / VDV Forum Rail Freight Transport in Berlin

At the 13th BME / VDV Forum Rail Freight Transport, GATX Rail Europe’s CEO, Johann Feindert, provided insights on various industry projects and discussed advantages of rail freight transport.

GATX plays a leading role in the DAC retrofitting strategy

GATX Rail Europe’s CEO, Johann Feindert, explained the importance of Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC) for rail freight trains to an audience of more than 300 industry participants at the 10th VPI Symposium in Hamburg. DAC enables higher system speeds in rail freight as well as longer rail freight trains, making rail even more efficient and competitive.

GATX at the 13th BME / VDV panel for Rail Freight Transport

Join us!

February 11th - 12th, 2020 in Berlin @Radisson Blu Hotel

Tailored Customer Solutions: Lenzing AG orders another 22 GATX Snps cars

Just recently, there was a reason to celebrate: when the fiber manufacturer and long-standing GATX customer, Lenzing AG, commissioned 22 Snps type railcars.

Hot rhythms and cold drinks: Successful GATX evening event

What should you do when temperatures turn tropical and visitors want to quench more than just their thirst for knowledge after a long day at the trade fair?