Delivery & Handover Service

Getting your railcar - quality assurance & training included

Railcar inspections and the underlying services is what our GATX teams perform in the weeks prior to the delivery of your car… Our approach is slightly different depending on whether you opt for a new-build or existing railcar, but excellent service and safe, reliable railcars is always our goal. 

New-Build Railcar Delivery

Our experienced engineers are on site to monitor the manufacturing of your railcars. We take quality assurance very seriously and are known for it, both by manufacturers and our customers. Prior to delivery, you will be invited to check-out the car yourself, if you want to.     

Existing Railcar Delivery

We thoroughly clean and inspect the railcars you rented in one of our certified shops and submit a dispatch note with technical data. Your dedicated GATX team reserves time to answer all of your questions regarding safety & cleanliness.  We are often able to perform electronic data exchange into your fleet management system. 

Handover at your premises

Typically, unless agreed upon otherwise, the handover takes place on your premises. Timing and organization is important to you, so we keep handover locations and delivery timings very transparent. Your dedicated GATX team is onsite to show you your railcars and provide instructions on how to use it safely and effectively.

Handover trainings

Most requested trainings during the onsite handover are as follows:

  • Loading & Unloading: how to, tips & tricks
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Operational safety & efficiency

If you require any further training, have a look at our Training & Notifications Services. 

Training & Notifications

Schedule your onsite trainings and keep up with new regulations

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