Our teams are committed to advancing rail in Europe.

By forming unique partnerships and joining key industry organizations, we help to create sustainable rail technology, set new standards, and grow the rail community. Following GATX’s values and philosophy on safety, our dedicated team works tirelessly to spearhead the international exchange of ideas and collaborate on cross-organisational safety initiatives.

Associations GATX is part of and / or works closely with
UIP – International Union of Private Wagons
Umbrella association representing more than 250 freight wagon keepers and ECMs with more than 220’000 freight wagons. The UIP represents the members’ concerns at international level.
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VPI – The Austrian Association of Private Wagon Keepers, GATX holds presidency
Central representation of interests for independent wagon keepers in rail freight transport. Represents the interests of currently more than 50 members nationally and internationally.
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VPI – The German Association of Private Wagon Keepers
The VPI represents the interests of private owners of freight cars in Germany. We ensure good technical, legal and operational framework conditions in rail freight transport.
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VAP – The Swiss Association of Wagon Keepers
Representing the interests of around 300 organizations in the loading and logistics industry transporting goods by any combination of rail, road, ship, and air.
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ASSOFERR – The Italian Association of Wagon Keepers
ASSOFERR is the result of the merger of the two associations ASSOCARRI and SUNFER, which until then had represented the interests of operators in the private railcar sector.
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AFWP – The French Association of Wagon Keepers
Defending the interests of wagon keepers and owners as well as those of repair workshops. With its 75 members, AFWP represents keepers of 45,000 freight wagons and 21 repair workshops.
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SWP – The Polish Association of Wagon Keepers, GATX holds presidency
The aim of SWP is to take care of the common interests of railcar owners or users, as well as of all other entities dealing with private cars, and to represent them towards governmental bodies, organizations or third parties, both nationally and in Europe.
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UIC – International Railway Union
The worldwide professional association representing the railway sector and promoting rail transport. UIC leads an innovative and dynamic sector, helping members find continuing success and opportunities.
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CER – European Railway and Infrastructure Companies
Represents the interests of its members on the EU policy-making scene, in particular supports an improved business and regulatory environment for European railway operators and railway infrastructure companies.
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ERFA – European Rail Freight Association
ERFA represents private and independent railway companies from across Europe and is the voice of new entrants to support the European vision for a liberalised railway market.
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ERA – European Railway Agency
The EU Agency for Railways is mandated to issue single safety certificates and vehicle (type) authorisations valid in multiple European countries and to ensure an interoperable European Rail Traffic Management System, in the development and implementation of the Single European Railway Area.
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GCU – General Contract of Use for Wagons
The General Contract of Use for Wagons (GCU) is a multilateral contract based on the international convention COTIF 1999 and Annex CUV. The GCU specifies the mutual rights and obligations of Wagon Keepers (K) and Railway Undertakings (RU) with regard to the use of rail freight wagons as a means of transport throughout Europe and beyond.
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Pro Rail Alliance – Germany’s most extraordinary transport association
It unites 24 non-profit organizations and more than 150 railway sector companies, which collaboratively aim at the promotion and improvement of rail traffic in Germany. The main objective of increased rail traffic also promotes climate protection, thus German tax authorities classify them as a non-profit entity.
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IBS – International Rail Freight Business Association
The IBS Association was founded in 1996 as an organization of rail forwarding companies and is currently being designed by approximately 60 member companies from 16 countries.
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UIRR – International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport
The International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport (UIRR) is the industry association for the sector of Combined Transport in Brussels. Its members are Combined Transport Operators and Combined Transport Terminals.
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RSRD² – Rolling Stock Reference Database
On behalf of the UIP, and under the leadership of GATX, the Rolling Stock Reference Database (RSRD2) has become the European Union’s leading online portal for rolling stock reference and wagon performance data.
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DVF – Deutsches Verkehrsforum
The aim of the “Deutsches Verkehrsforum” (DVF) is to promote an efficient, user-friendly and sustainable integrated transport system. It is the only multi-modal industry association for passenger and cargo transport in Europe.
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VNL – Verein Netzwerk Logistik
Austria’s largest business network for logistics with more than 5000 active logistics experts from almost 500 member companies, educational and research institutions.
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MVMSZ – Magyar Vasúti Magánkocsi Szövetség
Represents nearly 7000 private wagons, of which nearly 30% are registered in Hungary and owned by its members. The rest of the wagons are leased by the members from various wagon leasing companies and used partially or completely for domestic traffic.
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An online platform for rail freight that effectively connects all European rail companies.
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DAC4EU – Digital Automatic Coupling
Pilot project for the demonstration, testing and approval of digital automatic coupling (dac) for rail freight traffic.
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BVL – Bundesvereinigung Logistik
BVL – The Supply Chain Network is an open network of people who are actively engaged in an efficient co-operation in the globalized economy. Its core objective is to convey the importance of supply chain management and logistics – as well as to promote their application and development.
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RAILTALKS. stands for strong partners and creating connections between the right people to initiate joint projects.
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Studiengesellschaft für den Kombinierten Verkehr
The Studiengesellschaft für den Kombinierten Verkehr e.V. (SGKV), translated as the German Promotion Centre for Intermodal Transport seeks to promote the interests of intermodal and rational transport chains. The goal of the association is to strengthen and further develop Combined Transport by bringing the research and practice together.
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ECG, the Association of European Vehicle Logistics, has been the voice of the Finished Vehicle Logistics industry in Europe since 1997. ECG represents the interests of over 140 member companies and partners, from family owned SMEs to multi-nationals, and is the major champion of the European vehicle logistics sector.
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Die GÜTERBAHNEN counts almost 100 private, regional, and international companies associated with rail freight transport as its members. Every day, innovative and passionate efforts are made to convince customers to transport goods on climate-friendly railways. DIE GÜTERBAHNEN was initiated by the Netzwerk Europäischer Eisenbahnen e.V. (NEE).
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